QUIZ! Are You Empowered?


Do you feel fulfilled at your job? Are you empowered to make quick, powerful, accurate decisions that benefit you, your company, and your customers?

Based on the principles in John Tschohl's new book, Empowerment: A Way of Life, this quiz will give you feeback on whether you are an empowered, fulfilled employee. Take the quiz below to find out!

Does your work really make a difference at your company?


How often do you take risks at your job?


How often do you "ask permission" from a supervisor or boss before making a big decision?


Do you feel like you have a say in what goes on at your company?


Does your boss ever ask you to "use your best judgement"?


If you decide to "play it safe," is it because...


You are a barista at a coffee shop. A customer orders a double espresso, takes one sip, and tells you that it's burned. Your manager has told you that the company has a strict "no freebies" policy. What do you do?