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Chick-fil-A shows true colors during storm.
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Empowered Employees Create Happy Customers.
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4 Roadblocks On The Road To Small Business Empowerment.
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A truly inspiring article showing you the true power of empowerment and how even the smallest thing can change someone’s life. Click the link to read the PDF.

KKZZ Radio Interview feel free to download and listen!

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While in Vailrun John Tschohl was able to connect with TV8Vail and do an interview check out the video below!

Dresser After Dark Radio Interview: John has just completed an great interview about Empowerment: A Way of Life. If you would like to listen click on the link below!


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"For more than three decades, I have been developing and providing customer service training programs to clients throughout the world. Empowerment will be my sixth book and 27th training program."

Changing The Way You Work - Empowerment is Critical

“Workers must utilize all of their skills and talents to sell themselves to their customers and their employers every day and in every undertaking,” says John Tschohl, founder and president of the Service Quality Institute In Minneapolis, Minnesota. "Those who reject empowerment—who fear risk and cling to the status quo—will lag behind and get left in the dust.”

What Is Your Dream? The Retail Observer - May 2010

1. Feel good about yourself. The way you feel about yourself is the way others see you. Develop a positive attitude; it’s contagious. Avoid hanging out with coworkers who are negative and complaining; they will drag you down. Believe in yourself. Build your self-confidence; self-confidence is power. It leads to improved performance, which leads to improved pay. Don’t wait for others to validate you and your efforts. Pat yourself on the back. Concentrate on your strengths and recognize the importance of the role you play in the organization."

2. Learn. The more knowledgeable you are the more capable you will be and the more successful you will become.