Empowerment: A Way of Life


John Tschohl's latest book, Empowerment: A Way of Life, focuses on one simple, yet powerful, principle: Empowered employees will give excellent customer service… turning unhappy customers into happy, repeat customers. Moreover, happy, empowered, fulfilled employees are less likely to leave the company--reducing turnover. Solving a customer's problem quickly benefits everyone, and that is why the key to a company's success lies in empowered employees.

"Empowerment is NOT about breaking the rules, but bending them to keep the customer happy. It is making fast decisions on the spot in favor of customers. Employees need to be able to bend rules so the customer always wins."

BOTTOM LINE: Empowerment is a guaranteed investment for your company and your personal success.

Empowerment Is For Everyone

For CEOs:
  • Keep customers coming back again and again
  • Create a more positive environment for customers and employees
  • Make the employee’s job easier and more satisfying
  • Lead to excellent customer service
For Front-Line Employees:
  • Feel more fulfilled and satisfied at your job
  • Stand out, get a promotion, secure your job
  • Make a difference in your workplace
  • Give customers what they want when they want it--without having to jump through hoops

Empowered Employee of the Week


Tomas Lopez - Miami, Florida

Thomas Lopez made an empowered decision in Florida to help save a drowning man. His Orlando based company, Jeff Ellis and Associates said he broke a company rule and could have put beachgoers in his section in jeopardy.

Anyone using this Jeff Ellis and Associates should FIRE them. The owner has a brain the size of a pea.Can you imagine the media coverage if the man drowned and everyone asked why he did not help and he said : "I do not want to break company rules or I would get fired and he was outside my patrol section."

This is an example of really stupid management who does not understand the value and power of empowerment. Fortunately Tomas Lopez made and empowered decision. An example of an employee much smarter than the employer.

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